Reading Food Labels


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Decoding Nutrition

Unhealthy Diets are a leading cause of avoidable illness and premature death. Diets high in saturated fat and calories and low in fruit and vegetables accounts for 1/3 of cardiovascular disease and 30-40% of cancers. Food labels informs consumers about the nutrition in food & allows them to make purchase decisions based on nutrition.

Understanding the food labels on what you are consuming should not take a dictionary. This quick food label guide will help you get the most out of these confusing labels.

  • Serving Size : Is one package 1 serving or 3? If the serving size for a single package is more than 1, multiply all of the other numbers by that amount to understand what you are consuming.
  • Calories : This equates to the amount of energy you receive from a single serving of that food. Food that is high in nutrients but is not…

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Tap Water vs Bottled Water [Infographic]

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Bottled water is a booming industry, and its sales continue to grow. In the US alone, 97 billion bottles of bottled water are bought each year.

But, is bottled water really that much better than its tap water counterpart? Is it any safer, tastier, or healthier than tap water? And, what about the environmental impact of plastic bottles?

In the infographic below, we compare the differences between bottled water and tap water. You’ll also learn why bottled water really isn’t much better than tap water:

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