Reading Food Labels


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Decoding Nutrition

Unhealthy Diets are a leading cause of avoidable illness and premature death. Diets high in saturated fat and calories and low in fruit and vegetables accounts for 1/3 of cardiovascular disease and 30-40% of cancers. Food labels informs consumers about the nutrition in food & allows them to make purchase decisions based on nutrition.

Understanding the food labels on what you are consuming should not take a dictionary. This quick food label guide will help you get the most out of these confusing labels.

  • Serving Size : Is one package 1 serving or 3? If the serving size for a single package is more than 1, multiply all of the other numbers by that amount to understand what you are consuming.
  • Calories : This equates to the amount of energy you receive from a single serving of that food. Food that is high in nutrients but is not…

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